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ASP.网络核心图表 is a well-crafted charting component to visualize data. It contains a rich UI gallery of 30+ charts 和 graphs, ranging from line to financial that cater to all charting scenarios. Its high performance helps render large amounts of data quickly. It also comes with features such as zooming, 平移, 工具提示, 十字, 轨迹球, highlight, 和选择.

为什么选择Syncfusion ASP.网络核心图表?


30 +图表类型

Ranging from simple day-to-day charts like line charts, 柱状图, area charts to complex financial charts that are highly customizable.



图表为ASP.网络核心 provides fluid animation to represent data with smooth transitions.



深思熟虑的努力, focuses mainly on fast paced performance to render 100k data in less than a second.

ASP.网络核心图表 SVG渲染.


Vector based clean 和 crisp rendering for all your responsive 和 scaling needs.



ASP.网络核心图表 with Rich UI provides drag 和 drop support to the rendered points. Data editing allows you to manipulate the data on a chart.



Shows the price direction 和 movement speed. 趋势线 can be generated for Cartesian type series (Line, 列, 散射, Area, 蜡烛, 小矿脉, 等.)除了酒吧. More than one trendline can be added to a series.



Enables users from different locales to use them by formatting dates, 货币, 并根据偏好编号.



Export charts to PDF documents or as image formats such as SVG, PNG 和 JPEG.

Powerful, user friendly, feature-rich ASP.NET核心图表为您的业务


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ASP.网络核心图表 control includes functionality for plotting more than 30 chart types. Each chart type is easily configured with built-in support for creating stunning visual effects.


The user experience is greatly enhanced by including a set of interactive features such as zooming 和 平移, 十字, 轨迹球, 向下钻取, 事件, 选择, 和工具提示.


Update with live data that changes over seconds or minutes using variety of data manipulation tools.


Mark any specific area of interest by adding custom elements (shapes, images) to make charts more information-intensive.


Configure the look 和 feel of your chart to match with your requirement using several built-in options.


Plot any type of data in a graph with the help of different axes types: numeric, 类别, 日期-时间, 日期-时间类别](http://ej2.hurleym.com/aspn等ore/文档/chart/日期-时间-axis/#datetime类别-axis), logarithmic axis. And this chart axis elements can be customized further to make an axis more readable.



开发ASP.NET核心图表与单一的代码基, well-thought-out 移动 adaptive architecture that adapts to any web, 移动, 或平板电脑环境. Render beautiful, responsive, interactive, animated charts within 移动 devices.


很容易开始使用ASP.网络核心图表 using a few simple lines of C# code example as demonstrated below. 也探索十博体育app的 ASP.NET核心图表示例 that shows you how to render 和 configure the 图表 in ASP.网络核心.

                 valueType =“类别”>                    
                     name =“series1” xName =“xValue” yName =“yValue” 数据源=“视图Bag.数据源”
公共 class Home控制器 : 控制器
 公共 ActionResult 指数()
           列表<ChartData> chartData =  列表<ChartData>
                 ChartData { xValue = "2014", yValue = 21 },
                 ChartData { xValue = "2015", yValue = 24 },
                 ChartData { xValue = "2016", yValue = 36 },
                 ChartData { xValue = "2017", yValue = 38 },
                 ChartData { xValue = "2018", yValue = 54 },
                 ChartData { xValue = "2019", yValue = 57 },
                 ChartData { xValue = "2020", yValue = 70 },
            视图Bag.数据源 = chartData;
            返回 视图();
 公共 class ChartData
            公共 字符串 xValue;
            公共  yValue;       

不知道如何创建你的第一个ASP.网络核心图表? 十博体育app的文档可以提供帮助.



  • 支持30 + 图表类型 和优雅的动画.
  • 灼热的快速加载时间和丰富 UI交互 在web应用程序中.
  • Supports both rendering SVG 和 Canvas (for fast rendering).
  • 灵活的 数据绑定 with support to use local 和 remote data sources such as JSON, 基于rest的服务, OData服务, 和WCF服务.
  • 最好的ASP之一.网络核心图表 in the market that offers feature-rich UI to interact with the software.
  • 简单的配置和API.
  • 支持所有现代浏览器.
  • 移动触摸友好和响应.
  • 丰富的学习资源,如 演示, 文档 快速学习并开始使用ASP.网络核心图表.

十博体育app不卖ASP.NET核心图表. It is only available for purchase as part of the Syncfusion ASP.网络核心套件, which contains over 70+ ASP.NET核心组件,包括图表. 的单一开发人员许可 Syncfusion Essential Studio for ASP.网络核心套件 成本 $995.00美元, including one year of support 和 updates. On top of this, we might be able to offer additional discounts based on currently active promotions. 请十博体育app 销售团队 today to see if you qualify for any additional discounts.

你可以找到十博体育app的ASP.NET核心图表演示 在这里.

不,十博体育app的70+ ASP.网络核心 components, including 图表, are not sold individually, only as a single package. 然而, we have competitively priced the product so it only 成本 a little bit more than what some other vendors charge for their charts alone. 十博体育app也发现, 在十博体育app的经验, our customers usually start off using one of our products 和 then exp和 to several products quickly, so we felt it was best to offer all 70+ ASP.NET核心组件的固定费用 995美元/开发人员. On top of this, we might be able to offer additional discounts based on currently active promotions. 请十博体育app 销售团队 today to see if you qualify for any additional discounts.

No, this is a commercial product 和 requires a paid license. 然而,一个 免费的社区许可 is also available for companies 和 individuals whose organizations have less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue 和 five or fewer developers.

A good place to start would be our comprehensive 开始文档.

Greatness—it’s one thing to say you have it, but it means more when others recognize it. Syncfusion is proud to hold the following industry awards.


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